Friday, October 16, 2009


After running this morning I realized that it's time for a new goal. I don't have a race until November when it's Turkey Trot time...and for some reason that isn't really motivating me.

Then RunMan told me last night since August he's booked a mighty 196 miles.


According to my DailyMile I've only logged 273 miles this year.

Ok. Ok. I'm not being fair to myself. Let's reframe that.

I ran NO miles last year. Zip, zilch, zero!

I've run a whopping 273 this year.

Plus there are runs, rides and swims I didn't log.

So, rather than compare myself to RunMan I want to remember what life was like a year ago.

What my mind was like a year ago - "Me, run?" No way! "Me, do a triathlon?" You have to be out of your freaking mind!

But, those both started out as lofty goals. And I do run. And I did do a triathlon. Given that, I'd like to set a new reachable goal.

I'd like to hit 350 miles at the end of the year.

Seventy-seven more miles. That puts me running two miles every other day from now until December 31st. I didn't factor in that some family run nights we run almost four miles - but I figure that will account for any time I can't get my run in.

So here's to the next 77 and to finishing 2009 strong!!


Eric B said...

Here's to 77 more miles!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Sounds like a GREAT goal to me.

Thanks for your NICE NICE comment on my Blog. Being called an inspiration is perhaps the best compliment.

Hugs to reaching your goals!!

I always compare my goals only to myself. If I compare to others I go insane. Like you said last you you did X so this year X+1 is progress..

Swim, bike, what? said...

Thanks EricB - I love you!

And Mel - you are a great inspiration!

Perhaps I need to make a necklace that says "x+1" - good equation...

TMB said...

Congrats on the first 273 miles! Good luck getting to your goal!

Thanks for the comment!