Monday, September 14, 2009

Like riding a bike

It's time.

I'm about to set off for my first run longer than it should be.

Being off of my running schedule has been tough. I haven't been as focused - in anything - or motivated.

I got my new shoes last week. Went for a great walk this weekend in them.

Now, I feel ready to get my groove back.

I'm keeping it short. Only a mile. Maybe two if I feel good after mile one.

I keep telling myself that I'm keeping it short because don't want to get hurt again - but honestly it's really because if I mentally try to push myself right now I think I'll end up disappointing myself. Then I'll end up wanting to stop again.

It's sad...but true. The mental part of this has always been the hardest for me. Some day it won't be.

So short. For success.